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and things I learnt along the way

I’ve never been that excited for a year to end as I was for the year 2020. I think that makes the most of us. The world flipped over, we got home caged and the weirdest things which seemed too far-fetched even for imagination happened. We all had our share…

In doing so, don't you fall in trap of ending doing everything by yourself. The solution in your brain is now ready for everyone to see and work with. Doesn't this in a way cut down their (other designers in the team) natural process of aligning their thoughts with yours. Now they can simply work with what you've provided because if a solution is given by design manager, it must be the best.

I do not wish to counter your opinion here but I feel 'how-about-this' is also not the ideal solution to the stated problem.

UX case study

Overview: Designing a portal for jurors to evaluate competition entries/ submissions.

Client: ,a web platform for designers focusing on crowd-sourcing design solutions and making design more accessible.

Timeline: Nov 2019 — Jan 2020

Background is a web platform that organizes design challenges and has one of…

It seemed impossible, now it’s history

A little context

I completed my Bachelors in Architecture from the ‘School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi’ and as part of the course requirement, I had to write my thesis in the final semester. My architectural thesis project was based on designing a proposal for the National Center for Arts (NCA) at…

Design follows data

Photo by Isaac Smith on Unsplash

Project overview: Dashboard design to effectively communicating data to relevant people

Client:, a web platform for designers focusing on crowd-sourcing design solutions and making the design more accessible.

Timeline: September 2020 — Feb 2021

Tools & Skills: Figma, Adobe Xd, Illustrator along with an in-depth study of data visualization…

TL;DR Reading time less than 3 minutes, no clickbait

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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