If there’s one thing in my 2020 bucket list which I could proudly tick off is to develop a reading habit. I read many titles in 2020, thanks to lockdown but listed below are the ones which stood out to me in some way or other. So, here goes my list of top 7 books:

  1. Animal Farm: A rather small but great novel by George Orwell which talks on the topic of communism and capitalism through the lens of farm animals. While reading this book, I found it tough to stop myself drawing parallels of the characters with actual politicians around. However, given that it was written in 1945, I am certain that those people were surely not the influence behind the characters.
    I’m not a fan of fiction books and rarely recommend one, but that being said — this book is on top of my list. Do read.

If you have some book recommendations for me in 2021, please share :)

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